Born to ExileBorn to Exile
by Phyllis Eisenstein

Dust jacket and illustrations by Stephen E. Fabian

Limited Edition Hardcover - $30.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Arkham House, 1978; 202 pp; limited to 4,148 copies. First Edition.

Born to Exile is a fantasy novel by author Phyllis Eisenstein, the first of her two Alaric novels. It was originally published by Arkham House; it has since been published in several mass-market paperback editions and again in hardcover in the UK. Portions of the novel were first serialized as individual shorter works through The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. (The second novel in the series, In The Red Lord's Reach, was first published in 1989 as a mass-market paperback from Signet Books and as a 1992 UK hardcover from Grafton, having been first serialized in 1988 as three monthly installments in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.)

Alaric, a young minstrel with a talent for magic, roamed the lands in search of his fortune. And in Castle Royale, it seemed he'd found both his fortune and his true love, the beautiful Princess Solinde. But could a penniless orphan hope to claim such a royal treasure? And in a land where witches were burned and the court magician looked on Alaric with suspicion, did he dare remain for long? For Alaric had a magical power which, in the blink of an eye, could transport him any place his mind could recall, a power that revealed itself at the first hint of danger. And for Alaric, Castle Royale held more danger than he could imagine...

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