Flowers From the Moon and Other LunaciesFlowers From the Moon and Other Lunacies
by Robert Bloch

Dust jacket by Tony Patrick

Limited Edition Hardcover - $20.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Arkham House, 1998; 296 pp.; limited to 2,565 copies. First Edition.

This book collects for the first time a variety of Robert Bloch s early stories from Weird Tales and Strange Stories. These stories range from whimsical and maniacal humor to dark and eldritch horrors editor Robert Price notes in his introduction.

"A Super-cool collection of Robert Bloch's early stories for the magazines WEIRD TALES, ROGUE, and STRANGE STORIES. Includes many almost unknown and/or rarely anthologized tales...Another beautiful collector's edition from this venerable Wisconsin publisher." -- BookLovers

"[This] is the first posthumous appearance by the legendary horrific humorist Robert Bloch. The stories in this volume are rarities, and will reward your indulgence with arcane quiverings...reveals Bloch as no head-in-the- sand fantasist, but a man very much of this world--and several others!" -- ASIMOV'S

"Fans of H.P. Lovecraft, Merritt, and similar horror writers of the genre will relish this excellent collection of Bloch stories, which ranges from heroic fantasy to science fiction but is strongest in its horror twists and turns. From druid powers to undersea monsters, this is packed with excellent surprises and very different plots." -- Reviewer's Bookwatch

Introduction (1998), essay by Robert M. Price
The Druidic Doom (1936)
Fangs of Vengeance (1937)
Death Is an Elephant (1939)
A Question of Identity (1939)
Death Has Five Guesses (1939)
The Bottomless Pool (1939) short story by Ralph Milne Farley and Robert Bloch
The Dark Isle (1939)
Flowers from the Moon (1939)
He Waits Beneath the Sea (1939)
Power of the Druid (1940)
Be Yourself (1940)
A Sorcerer Runs for Sheriff (1941)
Black Bargain (1942)
A Bottle of Gin (1943)
Wine of the Sabbat (1940)
Soul Proprietor (1945)
Satan's Phonograph (1946)
The Man Who Told the Truth (1946) short story by Jim Kjelgaard and Robert Bloch
The Night They Crashed the Party (1951)
Philtre Tip (1961)

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