Arkham's Masters of HorrorArkham's Masters of Horror: A 60th Anniversary Anthology Retrospective of the First 30 Years of Arkham House
edited by Peter Ruber

Dust jacket by Tony Patrick

Limited Edition Hardcover - $20.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Arkham House, 2000; 444 pp.; limited to 4,000 copies. First Edition.

Some of the writers August Derleth published during his 32-year reign at Arkham House have become legends among collectors and connoisseurs of weird fiction. Others have faded into unfortunate obscurity. Peter Ruber now brings 21 writers to life in detailed biographical essays that document little-known events through exhaustive research, and their long correspondence with August Derleth. These essays and an extensive introduction provide a rare and sometimes controversial insider s history of Arkham House, in which the editor also challenges some of the myths perpetuated by misinformed critics over the last three decades. With the addition of 21 rare stories and letters (most published here for the first time), the 445 pages of ARKHAM S MASTERS OF HORROR form a book within a book. This unique and important anthology is required reading for everyone who enjoys weird fiction, and is interested in learning more about Arkham House, its founder, and the writers who made the era from 1939 to 1971 one of the most exciting in the history of specialty press publishing. Featured writers include, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, Henry S. Whitehead, Robert E. Howard, H. Russell Wakefield, Seabury Quinn, Vincent Starrett, E. Hoffmann Price, Carl Jacobi, Donald Wandrei, Ramsey Campbell, and many others. Includes two rare photos by Harold Gauer and a colorful wrap-around jacket painting by Tony Patrick.

"Introduction: The 'Un-Demonizing' of August Derleth'", by Peter Ruber
"H. P. Lovecraft" (essay)
Excerpts from the H. P. Lovecraft Letters to August Derleth
"Clark Ashton Smith" (essay)
"Prince Alcouz and the Magician", by Clark Ashton Smith
"Donald Wandrei" (essay)
"Man-Hunt", by Donald Wandrei
"Robert E. Howard" (essay)
"The Valley of the Lost", by Robert E. Howard
"Robert Bloch" (essay)
"The Bat is My Brother", by Robert Bloch
"H. Russell Wakefield" (essay)
"The Latch-Key", by H. Russell Wakefield
"Carl Jacobi" (essay)
"Dyak Reward", by Carl Jacobi
"Henry S. Whitehead" (essay)
"Sea-Tiger", by Henry S. Whitehead
"Frank Belknap Long" (essay)
"The Dog-Eared God", by Frank Belknap Long
"David H. Keller" (essay)
"The Beautiful Lady", by David H. Keller
"E. Hoffman Price" (essay)
"Sweetheart from the Tomb", by E. Hoffmann Price
"Greye La Spina" (essay)
"Wolf of the Steppes", by Greye La Spina
"Arthur J. Burks" (essay)
"Rhythmic Formula", by Arthur J. Burks
"Ray Douglas Bradbury" (essay)
"The Small Assassin", by Ray Bradbury
"Howard Wandrei" (essay)
"George Is All Right", by Howard Wandrei
"Mary Elizabeth Counselman" (essay)
"Something Old", by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"John Ramsey Campbell" (essay)
"Property of the Ring", by John Ramsey Campbell
"Seabury Quinn" (essay)
"Bon Voyage, Michele", by Seabury Quinn
"Nelson Bond" (essay)
"The Master of Cotswold", by Nelson Bond
"Vincent Starrett" (essay)
"The Open Window", by Vincent Starrett
"August Derleth & Mark Schorer" (essay)
"A Visitor from Outside", by August Derleth & Mark Schorer

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