In Mayan SplendorIn Mayan Splendor
by Frank Belknap Long

Dust jacket and illustrations by Stephen E. Fabian

Limited Edition Hardcover - $15.00

Arkham House, 1977; 66 pp.; limited to 2,947 copies. First Edition.

In Mayan Splendor is a collection of poems by Frank Belknap Long. The book contains the complete contents of Long's earlier verse collections, A Man from Genoa (1926) and The Goblin Tower (1935) plus additional poems.

Book is solid and clean; black binding cloth is clean and shiny; boards are unbumped and corners sharp; gilt lettering on spine is bright; pages are clean and bright.

Dust jacket front is clean, bright, unblemished and unchipped; flaps are clean and bright with original price ($6.00) unclipped; rear cover is clean and bright.

Overall, this is a fine copy of the book in a fine dust jacket.

"In Mayan Splendor"
"A Knight of La Mancha"
"A Man from Genoa"
"On Icy Kinarth"
"The Magi"
"On Reading Arthur Machen"
"Stallions of the Moon"
"In Hospital"
"Ballad of St. Anthony"
"The White People"
"An Old Tale Retold"
"The Rebel"
"Two Stanzas for Master Fran├žois Villon"
"The Goblin Tower"
"West Indies"
"The Hashish-Eater"
"When We Have Seen"
"The Marriage of Sir John de Mandeville"
"Manhattan Skyline & W.W."
"The Horror on Dagoth Wold"
"In the Garden of Eros"
"The Prophet"
"When Chaugnar Wakes"
"In Antique Mood"
"The Abominable Snow Men"
"A Sonnet for Seamen"
"Ballad of Mary Magdalene"
"Great Ashtoreth"
"An Old Wife Speaketh It"
"A Time Will Come"
"The Inland Sea"
"Exotic Quest"
"H.P. Lovecraft"

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