Nameless PlacesNameless Places
edited by Gerald W. Page

Dust jacket by Tim Kirk

Limited Edition Hardcover - $20.00

Arkham House, 1975; 279 pp.; limited to 4,160 copies. First Edition.

Dark Things is an anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories edited by Gerald W. Page. The stories in this volume had not been previously published.

Book is solid and clean; black binding cloth is clean and shiny; boards are unbumped and corners sharp; gilt lettering on spine is bright; pages are clean and bright. Some very light fingerprinting on boards.

Dust jacket front is clean, bright, unblemished and unchipped; flaps are clean and bright with original price ($7.50) unclipped; rear cover is clean and bright.

Overall, this is a fine copy of the book in a fine dust jacket.

"Foreword", by Gerald W. Page
"Glimpses", by A.A. Attanasio
"The Night of the Unicorn", by Thomas Burnett Swann
"The Warlord of Kul Satu", by Brian Ball
"More Things", by G.N. Gabbard
"The Real Road to the Church", by Robert Aickman
"The Gods of Earth", by Gary Myers
"Walls of Yellow Clay", by Robert E. Gilbert
"Businessman's Lament", by Scott Edelstein
"Dark Vintage", by Joseph F. Pumilia
"Simaitha", by David A. English
"In the Land of Angra Mainyu", by Stephen Goldin
"Worldsong", by Gerald W. Page
"What Dark God?", by Brian Lumley
"The Stuff of Heroes", by Bob Maurus
"Forringer's Fortune", by Joseph Payne Brennan
"Before the Event", by Denys Val Baker
"In 'Ygiroth", by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
"The Last Hand", by Ramsey Campbell
"Out of the Ages", by Lin Carter
"Chameleon Town", by Carl Jacobi
"Botch", by Scott Edelstein
"Black Iron", by David Drake
"Selene", by E. Hoffmann Price
"The Christmas Present", by Ramsey Campbell
"Lifeguard", by Arthur Byron Cover
"Biographical Data" by Cyrus Hadavi

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