The Third GraveThe Third Grave
by David Case

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Stephen E. Fabian

Limited Edition Hardcover - $10.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Arkham House, 1981; 184 pp.; limited to 4,158 copies. First Edition.

When Thomas Ashley is invited to accompany the archaeological expedition of Sir Harold Gregory, he travels beyond the Great Cataract to enter a realm of endless sand, windswept cliffs, and the Egypt of the pharaohs. The expedition is visited by a mysterious intruder, Lucian Mallory, who lures the young scholar to his residence in England, where Ashley learns that his host is seeking ancient Egyptian secrets of resurrection and immortality. With the beautiful Arabella Cunningham, Ashley strives to use this arcane knowledge to redeem the life of a present-day man but then encounters the ultimate horror in a curse that comes down the ages to haunt the modern world.

"Well-crafted book...chilling climax...a horror story of the old school." -- Publishers Weekly

"Zestful ghoulishness...far livelier than most horror best-sellers." -- Washington Post Book World

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