AftershocksAftershocks: An Anthology of So-Cal Horror
edited by Jeremy Lassen

Limited Edition - $20.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Freak Press, 2000; 221 pp; First Edition.

Modern horror is almost always informed by place and setting. Lovecraft's New England was more memorable than any of his characters. King's small towns... Campbell's aging, industrial England... Bright's decadent South... Salle's nightmare visions of Chicago... Lansdale's twisted Texas... The list is endless. As disparate as the above writers are, they all manage to create a recognizable place and time. Places that their real life denizens recognize - places that are both comfortingly familiar and terrifyingly unique. King's New England will never be mistaken for Lovecraft's. This is the magic of modern horror. It creates worlds that we recognize. At the same time these worlds are horribly and terrifyingly different from the one we choose to interact with on a daily basis. Horrible because they speak truths we rarely acknowledge. Terrifying because just maybe they are more real than the artificially constructed realities we choose to live in each day...

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