by Karim Ghahwagi

Numbered Limited Edition - $50.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Ex Occidente Press, 2011; Amerika is a sewn hardcover book of 63 pages with dust-jacket, silk ribbon, endpapers and a full-colour frontispiece. Collector's edition limited to only 100 hand numbered copies.

America has disappeared. Resources at the US Embassy in Copenhagen are a little stretched, and the extraordinary circumstances therefore require extraordinary measures, even if it means drawing upon the services of the world's second greatest living detective - a disillusioned American expatriate called Mr. Denmark who is currently living in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, a travel writer called Mr. Sweden finds himself in a precarious position as the very subject matter of his next travel book seems to have disappeared. Copenhagen is gripped by a deep sense of unease. Bookshops and countries are disappearing, animals wearing Bowler hats are overrunning the city, the central immigration services have been beleaguered by tuxedo wearing penguins- infernal forces might be at work. And then there is that walking, talking Mauser-toting cat who might or might not be in cahoots with the Execrate Himself.

A superlative homage to Mihkail Bulgakov in which the weird story meets detective fiction, the surrealism of past European masters and the allegory of dissident writers to create a geopolitical occult work to end all politics.

Karim Ghahwagi was born in the United States but spent most of his life in Europe, dividing his time between Denmark and Malta. He has earned Bachelor degrees in Literature, Film and Electronic Media from Bard College, New York. He has created films, installations and other visual works for artists such as Efterklang, Anders Trentemøller and Søren Kragh-Jacobsen. He currently lives in Copenhagen. “Amerika” is his first published work. A second novella, “The Building Inspector” is to appear earlier next year in The Master in Café Morphine: A Homage to Mikhail Bulgakov.

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