The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost StoriesThe Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories
by Brian J. Showers

Introduction by Jim Rockhill

Cover art by Scott Hampton

Signed Hardcover Edition - $30.00  (2 copies available)
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ISBN: 978-1-85635-578-0

Mercier Press, 2008; 160 pp.;

Included in Speculative Fiction Junkie's Top Five Reads of 2010.

Winner of the 2008 Children of the Night Award.

Three stories from The Bleeding Horse, "Favourite No. 7 Omnibus", "Quis Separabit" and "Father Corrigan's Diary", received honourable mention by Ellen Datlow in her Best Horror of the Year (2008) listing.

"Take my word for it, there is no such thing as an ancient village, especially if it has seen better days, un-illustrated by its legends of terror. You may as well expect to find decayed cheese without mites, or an old house without rats, as an antique and dilapidated town without an authentic population of goblins."
- Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, "Ghost Stories of Chapelizod"

In the spirit of Le Fanu's classic trio of tales, Brian J. Showers' The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories infests his own Dublin neighbourhood with an authentic population of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Showers has filled each story with fascinating regional history, local atmosphere, and architectural details that are clearly visible today. While this gives the stories a factual flavour, the supernatural elements are entirely fictional. The result is a realistic and shadow-filled portrait of a modern neighbourhood, written in the traditional style of the classic literary ghost story.

"Showers carefully marshals the facts from a diversity of sources and a cloud of witnesses. These stories, often deceptively light in tone, are full of the kinds of twists and turns that make safety look illusory, shrink the distance between passive reader and active witness, and bring the recurrent past ever before our eyes."
- Jim Rockhill, from the Introduction

Each story features a recognisable Dublin setting and infuses it with a spectral history. Among the mysteries you will be invited to unravel are: the origins of The Bleeding Horse pub's gruesome name ('The Bleeding Horse'); the mysterious events leading to the discovery of Jack B. Yeats' final painting ('Oil on Canvas'); the eerie and persistent repercussions of a tragic omnibus accident in 1861 ('Favourite No. 7 Omnibus'); the possible resting place of the stolen Irish Crown Jewels and what guards it ('Quis Separabit'); the identify of the strange entity that plagued a 19th c. curate ('Father Corrigan's Diary'); and more. The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories features black and white illustrations throughout by Duane Spurlock, an introduction by Le Fanu scholar Jim Rockhill, and a cover by Harvey Award winner Scott Hampton.


  • Introduction by Jim Rockhill
  • A Note to the Reader
  • I. The Bleeding Horse
  • II. Oil on Canvas
  • III. Favourite No. 7 Omnibus
  • VI. Meones' Beast
  • V. Quis Separabit
  • VI. Lavender and White Clover
  • VII. Father Corrigan's Diary
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography

Brian J. Showers is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. He has lived in Dublin, Ireland since 2001. Brian's first book, Literary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin was published in 2006. He has written short stories, articles, interviews and reviews for many magazines including; All Hallows, Supernatural Tales, Dead Reckonings, Trailer Park of Terror, Ghosts & Scholars, Le Fanu Studies, Machenalia and Rue Morgue.

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