The House on the BorderlandThe House on the Borderland and Other Mysterious Places
by William Hope Hodgson

Stamped cover art by Jason Van Hollander

Limited Editions - $40.00
Fine, w/o dj as issued; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Night Shade Books, 2004; 466 pp.

The second of a five volume set collecting all of Hodgson's published fiction. Each volume contains one of Hodgson's novels, along with a selection of thematically-linked short fiction.

The Cosmic Circle of Wonder and Imagination (2003), essay by Jeremy Lassen
The House on the Borderland (1908)
The Thing Invisible (1912)
The Gateway of the Monster (1910)
The House Among the Laurels (1910)
The Whistling Room (1910)
The Searcher of the End House (1910)
The Horse of the Invisible (1910)
The Haunted Jarvee (1929)
The Find (1947)
The Hog (1947)
The Goddess of Death (1904)
Terror of the Water-Tank (1907)
Bullion (1911)
The Mystery of the Water-Logged Ship (1911)
The Ghosts of the Glen Doon (1911)
Mr. Jock Danplank (1912)
The Mystery of Captain Chappel (1917)
The Home-Coming of Captain Dan (1918)
Merciful Plunder (1925)
The Haunting of the Lady Shannon (1975)
The Heathen's Revenge (1988)

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