Christmas With The DeadChristmas With The Dead
by Joe R Lansdale

Cover art by Glenn Chadbourne

Signed Limited Edition - $25.00  (2 copies available)
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-1-84863-112-0

PS Publishing, 2010; 25 pp.; limited to 300 signed numbered hardcover copies

It was a foolish thing to do, and Calvin had not bothered with it the last two years, not since the death of his wife and daughter, but this year, this late morning, the loneliness and the monotony led him to it. He decided quite suddenly, having kept fairly good record on the calendar, that tomorrow was Christmas Eve, and zombies be damned. The Christmas lights and decorations were going up.

He went into the garage to look for the lights. He could hear the zombies sniffing around outside the garage door. The door was down and locked tight, and on top of that, though the zombies could grab and bite you, they weren't terribly strong most of the time, so the door was secure. The windows inside were boarded over, the doors were locked, and double locked, and boarded. The back yard the dead owned, but the windows and doors were boarded really well there, so he was shut in tight and safe.

Tight and safe? Oh yeah? This is Joe Lansdale country and 'tight and safe' have no place here. For this is a new world... and it sucks. And sometimes it chews.

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