Dark SanctuaryDark Sanctuary
by H.B. Gregory

Dust jacket by Allen Koszowski

Limited Edition Hardcover - $35.00  (1 copy available)
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Midnight House, Seattle, WA, 2001; 460 pp.; limited to 450 copies for sale, of which this is number 448

Selected as one of the thirteen best novels of supernatural horror of all time by the Iate author/editor Karl Edward Wagner, Dark Sanctuary more than Iives up to its Iegendary status. First published in 1940, this powerful novel of Lovecraftian horror takes place in a demon-haunted abbey off the Cornish coast. H.B. Gregory demonstrates a sure hand at sustaining a sense of mounting dread surprising in a first novel.

The story opens with Anthony Lovell, Sr., master of the ancient abbey of Kestrel and its Iike-named island off the Cornish coast, raving in madness and fear over the ancient family curse that ''dwells in the bowels of the abbey rock.'' What has caused his madness is unclear, but it is obviously Iinked to something seen or experienced in Kestrel's ancient crypts. Lovell's son is called back from London and, soon thereafter, John Hamilton, a freelance journalist and friend to the younger Lovell, makes his way to Kestrel as well...

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