Dead Earth: The Green DawnDead Earth: The Green Dawn
a Novella by Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks

Introduction by Gary A. Braunbeck

Wraparound cover art/dust jacket by Glenn Chadbourne

Signed Limited Edition - $35.00  (3 copies available)
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-1905834686

PS Publishing, 2007; 94 pp.; limited to 200 signed numbered hardcovers in dust jacket

Something bad has happened in Nevada.

No one knows what it is for sure. Rumors fly about plagues and secret government experiments. And the President isn't talking.

In Serenity, New Mexico, Deputy Sheriff Jubal Slate has his hands full. It seems that half the town, including his mother and his boss, are sick from an unusual malady.

Even more worrisome is the oddly-colored dawn sky.

Then a stranger crashes through town, a woman with a nightmarish story about what really happened in the Nevada desert.

Soon, the townspeople of Serenity start dying.

And they won't stay dead.

"Green skies, grey skin, yellow pustules ... the end begins like this. A thrilling, brutal apocalyptic novella - a cross between Romero, King, and the classic The Body Snatchers - this one will have you watching the skies for months to come."
- Tim Lebbon, author of Dusk and Berserk

"There have been quite a few zombie stories floating around lately, but Dead Earth: The Green Dawn is less concerned with zombies and the blood and gore that accompany them than it is with the characters surrounding them. Mark Justice and David Wilbanks wisely and skillfully populate their story with vivid characters we're allowed to take time to get to know and care about. And while we're doing that, the writers gradually build a sense of dread that steadily becomes smothering. By the time the flesh-hungry zombies stagger onto the scene, the reader is in such a state of panic, he's ready to scream. Dead Earth: The Green Dawn marks the welcome debut of two talented new writers to the horror genre, and I look forward to their next work."
- Ray Garton, author of The Loveliest Dead

"There are, it sometimes seems, a million zombie stories out there. Dead Earth: The Green Dawn is not like any of the others. Filled with well-crafted characters, a fast plot and enough action for a dozen novels, the story pushes past the boundaries that have been set before and rises to a new zenith. If you're tired of the same old undead, try the new improved model."
- James A. Moore, author of Blood Red

"Dead Earth: The Green Dawn is a rich tapestry of post-apocalyptic horror, fully-realized and wonderfully written. Unique and surprising, this is sure to please readers who enjoy end-of-the-world fiction." -- Brian Keene, author of The Conqueror Worms and City of the Dead.

"Messieurs Justice and Wilbanks manage to blast new life into the zombified sub-genre of the living-dead. Their novella Dead Earth: The Green Dawn packs more dramatic power than the typical zombie novel. The characters come alive on the page--the question is: how long will they stay that way?"
- Randy Chandler, author of Bad Juju and HELLz BELLz

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