by Jeff Long

Limited Edition - $15.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Atria Books, 2007; 420 pp.; First Edition.

Widely and enthusiastically acclaimed, The Descent marked the debut of a powerful imagination and earned Jeff Long comparisons to Stephen King. Now, after three more suspenseful blockbusters, he returns to the captivating creatures he conjured in that first incredible novel, unleashing a story that will hook his fans and never let go. In The Descent, we discovered a world beneath our feet - a tubular nightmare of tunnels and subterranean rivers and seas inhabited by a savage race of hominids. Our search was to locate their leader, the so-called historical Satan. In Deeper, mankind once again confronts its cruel subterranean relatives, and we must descend even further. Searching for the hadal god, we reach down to our very genesis. With terrorism boiling up from the depths, we find ourselves drawn into a clash of civilizations - one primal, one modern - that forces us to confront our demons all over again. Mesmerizing, concussive, this darkly brilliant work of imagination galvanizes Jeff Long's reputation as a prodigious talent.

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