Groaning ShadowsGroaning Shadows
by Paul Finch

Signed Limited Edition - $30.00  (3 copies available)
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-1-906331-12-2

Gray Friar Press, 2009; 256 pp.; limited to 100 signed copies in dust jacket

Brand new novellas of mystery, madness and supernatural torment.

I saw hands gripping the edges of the trapdoor that were grey with filth, and though narrow and wizened, bearing long, yellow fingernails that were more like talons.
The Sundered Flesh

... it was a drear and dismal monument to an age-old problem that even the most modern thinkers had failed to resolve: the fate of the criminally insane.
We Are The Shadows

... he was slashed across his face, first downwards and then diagonally, blows that left lacerations in flesh and bone so deep that his eyeballs popped out onto his cheeks.
Their Bones Picked Clean

... to my left I fancied I'd just spotted movement … awkward, capering movement, like something crippled or deformed keeping a steady pace with us. The Baleful Dead

Travel with Paul Finch along four twisting trails, any one of which could lead to your worst nightmare.

The decayed seaside town, where the actions of a depraved sex attacker only hint at the evil that has wakened. The Cornish island, where a deserted fishing village stands in memorial to a menace from the mists of time.

The inner city slum, where a derelict church houses something unspeakable. The grotto in the wood, to which far more than gruesome memories are attached.

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