Medea: Harlan's WorldMedea: Harlan's World
by Harlan Ellison et al.

Dust jacket and interior artwork by Kelly Freas

Signed Limited Edition - $80.00
Fine in fine dj and slipcase; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 0-932096-36-0

Phantasia Press, Huntington Woods, MI, 1985; 532 pp.; limited to 475 numbered copies in slipcase, of which this is copy 158, signed by all contributors; First Edition

Medea: Harlan's World is a collection of science fiction short stories by different authors, all taking place on the same fictional moon. It was an experiment in collaborative science-fictional world-building, featuring contributions by Hal Clement, Frank Herbert, and others. It was based on a 1975 UCLA seminar called "10 Tuesdays Down a Rabbit Hole", held by Ellison and other science fiction authors.


  • Introduction: Cosmic Hod-Carriers
  • Part I: The Specs
    • Introduction
    • Basic Concepts: Astrophysics, Geology (by Hal Clement)
    • Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Geography, Nomenclature, Biology (by Poul Anderson)
    • Biology, Ecology, Xenology (by Larry Niven)
    • Xenology, Sociology, Politics, Theology, Mathematics (by Frederik Pohl)
  • Part II: The Concept Seminar
  • Part III: The Extrapolations, the Questions
  • Part IV: Second Thoughts
  • Part V: The Stories
    • "Farside Station" by Jack Williamson
    • "Flare Time" by Larry Niven
    • "With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole" by Harlan Ellison
    • "Swanilda's Song" by Frederik Pohl
    • "Seasoning" by Hal Clement
    • "Concepts" by Thomas M. Disch
    • "Songs of a Sentient Flute" by Frank Herbert
    • "Hunter's Moon" by Poul Anderson
    • "The Promise" by Kate Wilhelm
    • "Why Dolphins Don't Bite" by Theodore Sturgeon
    • "Waiting for the Earthquake" by Robert Silverberg

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