Of the NightOf the Night
by Cliff Burns

Cover art by Adrian Donoghue

Signed Paperback Edition - $5.00  (3 copies available)
Fine; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-0-9694853-4-6

Black Dog Press, 2010; 112 pp.; signed by the author

Of the Night is a thriller set in the same universe as So Dark the Night, but taking place two years later, with a different cast of characters.

A series of events lead to a breach in the continuum, allowing fearsome creatures to break through and terrorize the citizens of Ilium. Police detective Gus Novak soon realizes that the mutilated bodies popping up all over the city are not the handiwork of your garden variety psychopath and he enlists the aid of fellow denizens of the night in order to thwart a cruel and inhuman foe.

"I've written a couple of novels set in the fictional city of Ilium, a Great Lake metropolis that's a cross between Detroit, Buffalo and H.P. Lovecraft's haunted Arkham. Strange things afoot, dark forces at work."
- Cliff Burns

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