Rhialto the MarvellousRhialto the Marvellous
by Jack Vance

Dust jacket by Stephen Fabian

Signed Limited Edition - $50.00
Fine in fine dj and slipcase; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 0-88733-004-5

Brandywyne Books, San Francisco, CA, 1984; 198 pp.; limited to 1000 signed and slipcased copies; First Edition

Book features blue speckled endpapers and blue cloth binding, with silver gilt writing on spine.

Rhialto the Marvellous is a collection of one essay and three fantasy stories by Jack Vance. It is the fourth and concluding book in the Dying Earth series that Vance inaugurated in 1950. One of the stories was previously published. The Foreword and first two stories are original to the collection. "Morreion" was originally published in the Lin Carter-edited anthology Flashing Swords! (1973).


  • "Foreword" - In which the list of players and the general state of the world in the 21st Aeon are defined.
  • "The Murthe" - The Sorceress Llorio, also known as the Murthe, has journeyed through time to the 21st Aeon, and is transforming the wizards of that era into women. Rhialto and his colleague Ildefonse the Preceptor attempt to foil her plans with the aid of the mysterious time-traveller Lehuster.
  • "Fader's Waft" - A series of intrigues perpetrated by his colleague Hache-Moncour land Rhialto in the bad graces of his fellow wizards. Whilst he is away, they ransack his manse and appropriate many valuable items in supposed recompense. On his return, Rhialto accuses his colleagues of violating the 'Blue Principles', their code of conduct, and insists on examining the original document of the 'Principles', stored at Fader's Waft. Upon arrival, Rhialto and Ildefonse discover that the 'Principles' have been replaced with a forgery, and Rhialto undertakes a journey back through time to recover the original.
  • "Morreion" - Rhialto and his associates journey to the edge of the Universe to seek their erstwhile colleague Morreion, sent away in the distant past to locate the source of the valuable, magic-anulling IOUN stones.

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