The Three Quests of the Wizard SarnodThe Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod
by Jeff VanderMeer

Cover art by John Coulthart

Signed Limited Edition - $25.00  (1 copy available)
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-0-9621725-8-8

WSFA Press, 2010; 86 pp.; limited to 500 signed numbered copies

From WSFA Press comes this special edition of The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod, an alternate version (having been expanded with an additional character, an additional plot thread, and a slightly different ending) of Jeff's story which originally appeared in the Jack Vance tribute anthology, Songs of the Dying Earth.

This volume of The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod was designed by John Coulthart, a well-known British graphic artist, illustrator, author and designer. It begins with a foreword by Jeff VanderMeer, is followed by an afterword by Ann VanderMeer, and is signed by both Jeff and Anne.

As Jeff notes in his Introduction:

"When it came time to write the story for Songs of the Dying Earth, Sarnod and his three familiars leapt into my mind, and Grod was one of them. I wrote a draft, revised it, and sent it to the editors. When I heard back, the feedback indicated they liked the story but Grod wasn't Vance-an enough, not tied enough in his quest to Vance's world. So, thinking that eventually I might have a chance to publish my version, I cut Grod out of the story for the version published in the anthology..."

"This version is very close to my heart, and I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy my friend and master designer John Coulthart's marvelous approach to book art."

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