Shadows and SilenceShadows and Silence
edited by Barbara Roden and Christopher Roden

Dust jacket by Jason Van Hollander

Limited Edition Hardcover - $40.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 1-55310-011-3

Ash-Tree Press, 2000; 343 pp; limited to 500 copies

The Ghost Story, in its many guises, continues to thrive, despite being written off many times over the past half-century, perhaps most notably by H. R. Wakefield, one of the masters of the genre, who wrote in 1961: 'I believe ghost story writing to be a dying art.' Wakefield could not have been more wrong; and the rich legacy of such writers in the genre as Wakefield himself, M. R. James, and Robert Aickman, who were all able to hint at horror rather than spell it out, is apparent in the twenty-five stories in Shadows and Silence. There is horror here in abundance, which clearly demonstrates that the example given has been followed by the present day practitioners whose work appears in this volume.

Of the seventeen stories which appeared in the first Ash-Tree Press anthology, Midnight Never Comes, in 1997, no less than fifteen received honourable mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. That success has provided added impetus to ensure that the stories in this volume live up to the quality of their predecessors. The twenty-five stories in Shadows and Silence encompass an even wider range of themes, showcasing the versatility of the supernatural story. The ghost story is alive, well, and ready to face the challenges of the future.

'The Rag-and-Bone Men' by Steve Duffy
'The Last of Mr Benjimen' by Rick Kennett
'Mr Justice Delaney' by John Morrow
'The Fairhaven Phantom Train' by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
'The Man in the Blue Mercedes' by Frances Oliver
'The Graveyard' by Donald Tumasonis
'The Slow Fall of Dust in a Quiet Place' by Steve Rasnic Tem
'Tourist Trap' by Barbara Roden
'The Witness Tree' by Steve Burt
'Frosted Glass' by Jane Jakeman
'Spider' by John Pelan
'The Counsels of Night' by Ron Weighell
'No Strings' by Ramsey Campbell
'The Mummers' by Paul Finch
'Which, Being Translated, Means' by Cooper Renner
'"Excuse Me . . ."' by John Whitbourn
'The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter' by Michael Chislett
'The Other Side of the Bay' by Nick Di Martino
'Wolferton Hall' by James Doig
'Littler' by Hugh B. Cave
'One Over the Twelve' by Clive E. Ward
'The Chapel of Unrest' by Steven Volk
'The Last Reel' by David G. Rowlands
'The Spirit Mirror' by Keris McDonald
'Mr Dark's Carnival' by Glen Hirshberg

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