Gilden FireSpace Opera
by Jack Vance

Dust jacket by Stephen Fabian

Signed Limited Edition - $45.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 0-934438-99-4

Underwood-Miller, San Francisco, CA, 1984; 143 pp.; limited to 200 signed numbered copies, of which this is copy 51; First Edition

This is a 'stand-alone' work, not part of any of Vance's numerous novel sequences, though the human-colonized stellar regions in which it takes place are similar to that of many of his stories. It is one of his most frankly comic tales, though in fact almost all his books contain subversively comedic elements. The comedy begins with the title. The term 'space opera' is understood in SF circles to connote a colourful interstellar adventure, a clash of good and evil with all the panoply and apparatus of spacefleets and galactic empires. Vance's novel is instead about an opera company touring in outer space. (He has stated that the title was not his choice: he was commissioned to write a book with that title, and this was what he came up with.)

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