Strange Tales - Volume IIStrange Tales - Volume II
edited by Rosalie Parker

Deluxe Edition - $45.00  (1 copy available)
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Tartarus Press, 2007; 327 pp.; limited to 500 hardcover copies; First Printing

A 'Strange Tale' is a short story that explores a fantastic idea, supernatural or psychological, with the intention of causing, through its own logical development, uncertainty or unease about that which the reader takes for granted. The outward appearance of the story can vary infinitely from the traditional to the experimental, from the serious to the comic, but in each case the assumptions of the reader are undermined to a degree that they find uncomfortable. The Strange Tale is a form that moves effortlessly between the various genres (as all good fiction should).

In this new volume, the Strange Tales on offer range from the dark realism of 'What Water Reveals' by Adam Golaski through to the surreal 'The Concise Picaresque Adventures of the Wanderlust Bridge' by Rhys Hughes. From the subtlety of 'The Fairy Killer' by Quentin S. Crisp to the horror of 'Sejanus' Daughter' by Hilbourne Carlone (Don Tumasonis). From the urban horror of 'Calico Black, Calico Blue' by Joel Knight, to the rural strangeness of 'Pastor Arrhenius and The Maiden Brita' by Dale Nelson. From the traditionally told 'Llanfihangel' by Elizabeth Brown to the range of contemporary documentation offered in 'The Magpies' by David Rix.

Within this collection of seventeen new stories you are sure to discover some that will cause you to wonder what worlds might exist beyond the apparently everyday.

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