The PnumeTschai: Book IV - The Pnume
by Jack Vance

Cover art and frontispiece by David Ireland; interior illustrations by Ned Dameron

Limited Edition - $25.00
Fine w/o dj, as issued; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 0-934438-57-9

Underwood-Miller, San Francisco, CA, 1981; 193 pp.; limited to 1000 copies; First Edition

Light grey speckled endpapers, fuchsia cloth binding, with silver gilt writing on front cover and spine. Frontispiece art, in full color, is glued to the front cover.

The Pnume is the final science fiction adventure novel in the Vance's tetralogy "Tschai, Planet of Adventure". It tells of the efforts to return to Earth by the sole survivor of a human starship destroyed while investigating a mysterious signal from the distant planet Tschai.

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