The Trigan EmpireThe Trigan Empire
by Mike Butterworth

Cover artwork and interior illustrations by Don Lawrence

Limited Edition Hardcover - $50.00
Fine, w/o dj as issued; OUT OF PRINT FROM THE PUBLISHER

Chartwell Books, 1978; 189 pp.; 11.5" H x 9.3" W x 1.1" D; oversize hardcover with pictorial boards collects the issues of the comic "Tales of the Trigan Empire" originally run in Ranger magazine and Look and Learn magazine in 1965-1976.

Pictorial board covers show some light rubbing and shelf-wear, but book is otherwise FIne.

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire, later called simply The Trigan Empire, is a science fiction comic series written mainly by Mike Butterworth and drawn by Don Lawrence, among others. The series initially ran from 1965 to 1982, dealing with the long-past events of an empire on the distant planet of Elekton. Heavily influenced by mythological tales, a number of the societies seemed to be based on ancient cultures that had existed in history. Chief among these was the Trigan Empire, apparently modelled on the Roman Empire. This similarity even extended to Trigan City, the capital being built on five hills, in a similar fashion to the seven hills of Rome. The Trigans flew atmosphere craft. The Trigans' clothing was similar to that of the Romans, with many of the populace dressed in toga-like garments, or in the case of the soldiery, in Roman-style armour. A similar likeness could be drawn with Hericon, the chief rival in power to the Trigans, whose appearance seemed to mirror that of elements of the Byzantine Empire, and the Persian Empire.


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