Bone SoupBone Soup: This and That and Bric-a-Brac
by T.M. Wright

Artwork by T.M. Wright

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ISBN: 978-1-58767-161-6

Cemetery Dance, 2010; 367 pp.; limited to 750 signed copies in dust jacket

"T.M. Wright is a rare and blazing talent!"
— Stephen King

"Wright's ghosts frequently make for unreliable, confused or insane participants, keeping the reader intrigued and guessing."
— Publishers Weekly

About the Book:
Be afraid, be very afraid, for within this collection — comprised of a novel, short fiction, poetry, and a few pieces of art — you will find real monsters. These monsters are all human, or were human, or want to be human, but, most importantly, they want to possess us.

These are the monsters, would-be monsters, and the monsters-in-training that we want desperately to be rid of, but which, despite our best efforts, fester and grow within us all. Wright's ghosts are fallible, angry, confused, alone, in love, and upset: in other words, they're human, but without all that "unpleasant physicality."

In Bone Soup you will also find a poet's-eye view of the world — at least the confusing, annoying, unpredictable, and often fascinating world in which the author exists.

And so, dear reader, go into T.M. Wright's "alien heart," accept his "good embrace." But beware of monsters, both here, in this collection, and within yourself.

Table of Contents:
Rainy Day People
New York Poet
Mr. Death
The Music of the Night
The Man Walking
After Time
His Mother's Eyes
At Rikki's
The House Under the Street
The Sign at Vera's Restaurant
The Lightwater Hawkins Story
I Ask
One of those Poems Aging Writers Write
The Marybell Women
Sunsets in 1962
A Visitor Encounters the Small Screen
Only Two Legs and No Silk
The People on the Island
More Middle-Aged Craziness
The Godly Greetings of Dogs
Introduction to Cold House by Jack Ketchum
Cold House (novel)
All at the End of Mid-Evening
Clocking the Moment
Weldon Kees
Tower Man
Tomorrow, 25 Years From Now
The Screamers at the Window
Tomato as Metaphor

Praise for Bone Soup:
"Wright's ghosts frequently make for unreliable, confused or insane participants, keeping the reader intrigued and guessing...moments of dark humor, developing a story suffused with a rich understanding of human darkness and light."
— Publishers Weekly

"The resultant assemblage attests nothing if not versatility as Wright demonstrates a knack for peering around dark corners and exposing unsettling truths hidden in commonplace circumstances. His stories are often preoccupied with the tenuous boundaries between life and death, youth and old age... Wright's startlingly vivid poems are simultaneously revelatory and disconcerting, while his oil paintings reveal a mastery equally adept at depicting his granddaughter's innocent face and the surreal image of a barren tree overlain by an eyeless mask. The resulting collection showcases a talent that Wright's more illustrious colleague, Stephen King, has called 'rare and blazing.'"
— Booklist

"Wright dwells in all kinds of genres with these stories – romance, mystery, redemption, even time travel – but does so with tales that are not the usual plot-driven excursions from Point A to Point B; rather, these are focused examinations of singular, defining moments, decisions and events in the characters' lives... These are the deeper, more primal fears of loneliness, of failure, of the inability to escape the mistakes and misdeeds of the past. It's a true talent that can confront you with these fears in such a way that, disturbing as they may be, you can't help but turn the page and ask for more."
— Dark Scribe

"Bone Soup is the book every T.M. Wright fan has been waiting for. A collection of short fiction, a novel, poetry, and paintings that give us yet another insight into his feverishly imaginative mind. His stories and verse share all the strengths of his novels, with especially vivid imagery and enveloping creepy atmosphere. Get yourself the biggest ladle you can find, and draw deeply and often from the flavorful Bone Soup."
— Tom Piccirilli

About the Author:
T.M. Wright is well into his fiftieth year as, he says, "a writer in training." In those years he has published over thirty novels and novellas of "existential dark fantasy," starting with Strange Seed, in 1978; A Manhattan Ghost Story, which has been "in development" at Touchstone Pictures for more than a few years now; the very strange The Eyes of the Carp from Cemetery Dance in 2005; and Blue Canoe, his latest novel, from PS Publishing in 2009. He's published several dozen short stories in various magazines and anthologies, as well as much poetry. He has received acclaim from readers, writers and critics alike. This is his first collection.

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