by William Peter Blatty

Artwork by Bruce Haley (cover) and Alex McVey (interiors)

Signed Limited Edition - $25.00  (1 copy available)
Fine in fine dj and slipcase; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-1-58767-083-1

Cemetery Dance, 2009; 220 pp.; limited to 350 signed and numbered copies in slipcase

About the Book
This incredible haunted house novel from William Peter Blatty, the legendary author of The Exorcist, is disturbing, unsettling, chilling, and laced with a nasty streak of dark humor. Elsewhere is a must-have for all fans of dark fiction and sure to become a time-honored classic in the genre.

"Horror old-timer Blatty (The Exorcist) takes a new route down an old road in this disorienting tale. Realtor Joan Freeboard, trying to dispel the title mansion's creepy reputation, arranges for a psychic, a parapsychologist and a noted author to move into Elsewhere with her and declare it ghost-free. Isolated by a storm from civilization, they become absorbed by the house and its growing sense of strangeness; exploring its secrets exposes their own. Ultimately, Elsewhere forces them to accept the individual realities that they have created for themselves. Blatty neatly entwines the twin branches of psychological and supernatural horror, and save for a late scene of violence, the work is more life-affirming than shocking. Includes otherworldly b&w illus by Alex McVey."
— Publishers Weekly

"William Peter Blatty's excellent haunted house/ghost story, Elsewhere, certainly brings into question Stephen King's recent assertion... that the traditional ghost story is dead."
— Michael Revel Reviews

"Innovatively constructed and skillfully written, the short novel is witty, scary, touching and thought-provoking."
— Chicago Tribune

"...a witty ghost story of Jamesian complexity."
— The Boston Herald

"...may be the first truly original haunted house story in decades."
— Denver Rocky Mountain News

"...an eerie new novel by William Peter Blatty."
— Library Journal

"William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, returns to the horror genre with a story that is more subtle than that classic novel, but by no means less powerful. This is a story in the vein of Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting” or Richard Matheson’s "Hell House" in that the horror and atmosphere build slowly as psychological stress builds upon the inhabitants... It’s a classic haunted house mood with strange sounds and apparitions. Blatty is so skillful at working his spell upon the characters that you are not sure whether they are really seeing and hearing ghosts, or if their sanity is breaking down... Blatty throws numerous curveballs at the reader and saves his best pitch for the book’s shocking climax that every good horror book should have. A quick read but one that is perfect for a dark and stormy night…or a bright sunny day, whichever you prefer!"
— Tim Janson, Mania.com

"Blatty proves that a good haunted house story can still be written. Elsewhere is haunting and genuinely eerie. Though the book is short it still packs quite a wallop. Blatty’s crisp writing and characterizations will keep you turning the pages. He once again proves that there are things beyond our understanding that are truly terrifying whether it be a possessed girl or a possessed house. If you like being scared, if you sleep with your closet door shut tight and a light on you will enjoy this book. I emphatically recommend it. If you don’t like being scared my advice would be not to read it, you might not like what it does to you."
— Peter David Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

"Possession is the indisputable peanut butter to William Peter Blatty’s chocolate. The writer who gave us the landmark The Exorcist returns with Elsewhere, a short work from Cemetery Dance that represents his first novel since 1996."
— Rod Lott, Bookgasm.com

"William Peter Blatty's novella Elsewhere proves that the man who terrified us with The Exorcist still has the power to captivate and to scare the reader."
— Denise Dumars in Mania

"In many ways this excellent haunted house tale is a psychological suspense thriller as much of the story line (except for the climax) follows the quartet as the house coaxes them to reveal their secrets. Illustrations by Alex McVey add depth to the atmosphere of pending doom. Fans of Blatty will welcome his fresh approach of psychological paranormal paradigm twist to the haunted house horror sub-genre."
— Alternative Worlds

"...the author of one of history's most popular horror novels, subsequent made into a blockbuster film, The Exorcist, is back to scare you all over again with Elsewhere, a chilling haunted house tale... Dark humor suffuses this tale of terror and misdirection where the only thing that can be believed is that 'Dead people lie. They're just people'. Disturbing full-page interior illustrations leap out at the reader like bogeymen, and the evocative cover photograph by award-winning photographer Bruce Haley exudes a sense of the dread awaiting the reader within."
— J. L. Comeau, Count Gore De Vol's Tomb of Dark Delights

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