The King in Yellow

Ace Books

First Printing, n.a.

Paperback; 274 pp.

Cover art by Stephen Hickman

Reprint of the author's first collection of weird tales, first published in 1895.

The Maker of Moons

Fantasy House

First Printing, 1974

Paperback; 72 pp.

Cover art by Rick Hoppe; interior art by Jim Garrison

Reprint of the title short novel, the author's third publication, first published in 1896; also contains the short story The Demoiselle D'ys.

Out of the Dark Volume I: Origins

Ash-Tree Press

First Printing, February 1998; edition of 500 copies

Hardcover; 167 pp.

Cover art by Richard Lamb

Collects the best of the author's weird fiction from the pre-1900 period.


Out of the Dark Volume II: Diversions

Ash-Tree Press

First Printing, June 1999; edition of 500 copies

Hardcover; 201 pp.

Cover art by Richard Lamb

Collects the best of the author's weird fiction from the post-1900 period.


The Yellow Sign and Other Stories


First Printing, 2005

Paperback; 672 pp.

Cover art by H.E. Fassl

Complete collection of Chambers' short weird fiction, including material unprinted since the 1890's.
Born in Brooklyn in 1865, Robert William Chambers was educated in New York, and then studied art in both New York and France.
After returning to New York in 1893, he worked as an illustrator for various publications of the day, including Life, Truth, and Vogue magazines. A year later he published his first book, a novel called In the Quarter, that he had written during his time in Europe. Then, in 1895 he published the work for which he is probably best known today. The King in Yellow is a collection of basically unrelated macabre stories; the title refers to a fictional play that appears in a number of the stories.

Chambers was a prolific writer, authoring over 45 novels and collections during his career. Although his reputation today is based primarily on his weird fiction, most of his work as romantic, historical, and other popular fiction. Among his works that do feature supernatural elements are the aforementioned The King in Yellow (1895), as well as the short novel The Maker of Moons (1896), the collection In Search of the Unknown (1904), and The Slayer of Souls (1920). He died in New York in 1933.
- Doc, April 2007