Bram Stoker's Other Gothics — Contemporary ReviewsBram Stoker's Other Gothics — Contemporary Reviews
introduction by Carol A. Senf

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Swan River Press, 2010; 36 pp.

Collected here are a selection of reviews of Stoker's works that are generally classified under the broad heading of Gothic: Under the Sunset (1882), The Snake's Pass (1890), The Mystery of the Sea (1902), The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903), The Lady of the Shroud (1909), and The Lair of the White Worm (1911). Assembled from the list provided by Richard Dalby and William Hughes in their Bram Stoker: A Bibliography (Essex: Desert Island Books, 2004), these reviews appeared in many of the leading publications of their day, including The Spectator, Punch, The Academy, and The Athenaeum as well as in more specialised journals such as The Dial, The Bookman, The Reader Magazine.

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