Shadowlord! Board GameShadowlord! Board Game

Art by Bob Pepper

Limited Edition - $100.00 + $20.00 S&H

Parker Brothers, 1983

Mint, as New; played only once of twice when first purchased in 1983, stored since then.

The Object: To become Master of the Universe by defeating your opponents before the timer declares the Shadowlord has won. Each player assumes the identity of one of the Masters of Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Starting with two allies, you'll travel through the galaxies of the Universe in search of Warriors, Merchants, and Diplomats - and the Power cards and space ships that make them powerful. The secret to survival is accumulation of power, sabotage of opponents' alliances, and the strategic use of your characters, each of whom has a special job to do.

Shadowlord! Board GameCONTENTS:

  • 1 Large single-fold game board
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 2 eight-sided dice
  • 1 Two-sided card tray with five holes in the center for the scoring powerstone pegs
  • 1 Plastic Battlefield board (lightweight blue plastic)
  • 2 Powerstones (small round-topped white pegs)
  • 37 Power Rings (seven each red, yellow, blue, green, plus nine black)
  • 150 Spaceships (30 of each color)
  • 50 Power cards (eight 0's, fifteen 2's, fifteen 4's, ten 7's, and two 10's)
  • 28 Portrait cards
  • 4 Guide cards (large white cards with rules and a turn summary)
  • 45 character disks: 28 white, 17 black

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