Barbaric Bar and Beastly BookshelfBarbaric Bar and Beastly Bookshelf

Limited Edition - $600.00 + $200.00 S&H (US shipping, ONLY)

This piece is Near Mint. The only flaws are a small chip in the fiberglass at the tip of the right "wing/ear" (see yellow mark in photo at right), and on the back of the shelf in this location the fiberglass sheet that covers the entire back of the piece is cracked and broken, with a thin strip missing (photo below). Also, there are a few small areas of melted wax on the shelves from candles, and the gold paint on the RUMPH! letters is faded and deteriorating. Otherwise, the piece is like new.

Large fiberglass display piece, 32" wide by 42" tall by 8" deep, weighs 27 pounds. It was designed to display cologne and perfume in Rumph-designed bottles and decanters, as well as smaller Rumph pieces, in specialty stores like Spencer's Gifts and others in the 1970s. Above the upper shelf, the piece features a large head of Belial the Demon (teeth and horns highlighted with white paint) atop the RUMPH! name (highlighted with gold paint). To either side, a large maiden and wizard sit above a variety of smaller faces. Beneath these, just above the shelf, a four-panel frieze features a Hippocampus, Mermaid, Griffin, and Dragon. In the center of the lower front between the two shelves, two cherubs flank the Rumph hand; flanking these, on the side "pillars", are a variety of gargoyle and other grotesque heads.

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