Zolthar the Wizard PlanterZolthar the Wizard Planter

Limited Edition - $300.00

This is one of the three pieces I mentioned on the main Rumph page that were broken long ago in a moving mishap. In the photos below, I have highlighted with yellow lines where the breaks were. In most cases, the seams are barely visible and the surface smooth, but in a few locations chips are still present where small flakes of pottery were unable to be retrieved after the breakage (yellow circles in photos below, e.g.). I repaired the piece at the time, and have continued to use it as a special display piece ever since. As I also mentioned on the main page, all of the Rumph pieces for sale here have only been used as display pieces - while this piece could originally have been used as a planter, it never has been, and would not be suited to that purpose in its current repaired state.

Large wizard head planter measures approximately 14.5 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and 6 inches deep, and weighs 8.75 pounds. As the photos indicate, the outside of the piece features a light brown low gloss glaze outside, with darker brown wash/shadowing. The circle and lightning bolt around the eye in the center of the forehead are painted gold, as are the pupils of the eyes and the tongue, the latter being covered with star and crescent moon symbols. Two light colored medallions were added to the head after it was molded: a smiling sun on the left cheek, and an all-seeing eye on the lower left side of the neck. The back features a smiling face surround by a halo of dragon heads. The bottom features another all-seeing eye plus the Rumph hand and various runes, along with the notation (see photo): "Rumph © Mind Circus 1974". The planter is signed by Jim Rumph on the top of the back near the left corner.

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