The Fear PlanetThe Fear Planet and Other Unusual Destinations (The Reader's Bloch #1)
by Robert Bloch

Edited by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz

Cover art by Gahan Wilson

Signed Limited Edition - $30.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-1-59606-005-0

Subterranean Press, 2005; 301 pp.; limited to 750 hardcover copies, signed by the editor, of which this is copy 190

It's no secret that a hefty helping of Robert Bloch's fiction remains unreprinted or uncollected since its original publication in pulp magazines, digests and anthologies of original stories. What many readers don't know is how good much of this fiction is. These stories run the full gamut of genres for which Bloch wrote--fantasy, horror, science fiction, mystery--and all showcase Bloch's inimitable style. We can't presume to know why Bloch never collected them in his lifetime, even though he sanctioned the reprinting of some in anthologies. Possibly, he felt they didn't fit the scheme of specific books. Regardless, the stories provide interesting snapshots of Bloch's career at the time they were written, and the evolution of story markets where they appeared. Subterranean Press's The Reader's Bloch series was conceived to give these stories a well-deserved nesting place.

Introduction: Future Imperfect (The Fear Planet and Other Unusual Destinations) • essay by Stefan Dziemianowicz [as by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz]
Red Moon Rising • (1958)
Let's Do It for Love • (1953)
The Fear Planet • (1943)
Beep No More, My Lady • (1960)
Phantom from the Film • (1943) [as by Tarleton Fiske]
The Machine that Changed History • (1943) Have Tux—Will Travel • (1955)
Grandma Goes to Mars • (1954)
Queen of the Metal Men • (1940)
The Black Brain • (1943) [as by Tarleton Fiske]
Secret of the Observatory • (1938)
The Man Who Walked Through Mirrors • (1939)
Alternate Universe • (1957)
Mystery of the Creeping Underwear • (1943)
The Old Switcheroo • (1972)
How Bug-Eyed Was My Monster • (1957)
Last Laugh • (1941)
Murder from the Moon • (1942)
The Tin You Love to Touch • (1951)
The End of Science-Fiction • (1951)

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