Red World of PolarisRed World of Polaris
by Clark Ashton Smith

Illustrated by Jason Van Hollander

Limited Edition - $40.00
Fine in fine dj; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Night Shade Books, 2003; 122 pp.; limited to 500 deluxe cloth-bound copies; First Edition.

Red World of Polaris is one of the lost stories of Clark Ashton Smith... Known to have been written, often discussed, but never seen. Until now.

The fabled story Red World of Polaris has re-surfaced after nearly 50 years, and is being presented for the first time with two other classic stories by Clark Ashton Smith about the exploits of Captain Volmar - The Amazing Planet and Marooned in Andromeda. These stunning and visionary tales are a welcome addition for the Smith completist.

The Magellen of the Constellations: An Introduction (by Ronald S. Hilger & Scott Connors)
Marooned in Andromeda
A Captivity in Serpens
The Red World of Polaris
The Ocean-World of Alioth (a fragment)
Captain Volmar and Crew: An Afterword (by Donald Sydney-Fryer)

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