Skeleton in the Closet and Other StoriesSkeleton in the Closet and Other Stories
by Robert Bloch

Edited by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz

Cover art by Gahan Wilson

Signed Limited Edition - $30.00
Fine w/o dj, as issued; new and unread, direct from the publisher

ISBN: 978-1-59606-122-4

Subterranean Press, 2008; 306 pp.; limited to 750 signed copies, signed by the editor, of which this is copy 133

Pulp icon Robert Bloch (1917–1994) left his mark in many genres—crime fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery, but his most notable work was arguably in horror. The prolific volume, consistent quality and historic significance of Bloch’s collective work in the genre, especially his considerable short form output, is unparalleled. Subterranean’s second “Reader’s Bloch” collection after 2004’s The Fear Planet and Other Unusual Destinations (click HERE to buy that title) features some of his best short horror stories. “The Bat Is My Brother” revolves around a newly unearthed vampire’s quest for release; the satirical “Tooth or Consequences” pits a dentist against an undead bloodsucker with a cavity; and the decidedly Lovecraftian “Black Lotus” chronicles a wisdom-seeking sultan’s drug-induced journey into madness. While many of these macabre tales are clearly dated, their influence on contemporary horror cannot be overlooked. Although young horror readers may find the language and plot conventions outmoded, genre aficionados will find this collection pure pulp gold.

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