by Basil Wolverton

Introduction by Ron Goulart; edited by Robert K. Wiener

Cover art and black and white illustrations by Basil Wolverton

Signed Limited Edition - $25.00
Fine w/o dust jacket, as issued; new and unread, direct from the publisher

Archival Press, 1978; 62 pp.; limited to 250 signed and numbered hardcover copies, of which this is copy 206; signed by Monte Wolverton (the author's son), Ron Goulart, and Robert K. Wiener; First Edition. This special limited edition reprints a number of Wolverton's best Spacehawk comic stories.

Basil Wolverton was one of the most unique and controversial stylists ever to work in comics and the field of illustration. Equally at home with horror and comedy subjects, he was also one of the earliest and greatest exponents of science fiction comics. His greatest triumph is undoubtedly the pre-WWII adventures of a mysterious steely-jawed he-man known only as Spacehawk. The strip debuted in the June 1940 issue of Target Comics (volume 1 #5) and ran for thirty issues.

Spacehawk was a grim, relentless avenger of the innocent, prowling the star-lanes and outer reaches, and Wolverton's stark meticulous art served only to highlight the singular appearance of his alien monstrosities and landscapes.

Introduction: The Lone Wolf of Space, by Ron Goulart
Spacehawk and the Creeping Death from Neptune (June 1940)
Spacehawk and Mayhem at the Martian Election (October 1940)
Spacehawk and the Pirate City on Uranus (November 1940)
Spacehawk and the Master Plan of Droon (March 1941)
Spacehawk and the Attack of the Submarine Carrier (July 1941)
Spacehawk and the Supersonic Siren (October 1942)



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